EV Charging Station solutions tailored to Retail. Create an easy and convenient shopping experience for your EV owning customers and increase their shopping time by 20%*.

Why you need to make the move and install EV charging stations

6/10 retail spaces are already driving towards sustainability

It takes one to two years to install EV charging stations. Major retailers will have these installed in 2022

EVs will make up 10% of all Australian cars by 2025

High-end consumers are the owners of EVs today

The benefits of EV charging infrastructure

Increase the linger time and spending of customers

Studies show that owners of electric vehicles spend 20% more time at stores if they can charge their vehicles while they’re shopping. They also tend to have a higher disposable income.

Future proof your asset

Be ahead of the game and future proof your property for the high demand of EV charging stations that is coming in less than 5 years.

Increase your revenue

Every EV user without their own off-street parking will need somewhere to charge their vehicle. Make sure you are their go-to place to charge and increase your revenue while you’re at it.

Attract and retain tenants

Businesses are focussing on creating eco-friendly images. As carbon neutrality becomes a key requirement, lock in long term high value tenants with the right EV charging solutions.

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