Everty Software

Everty’s software provides three critical pillars for effective EV charging operations: Monitoring, Management and Monetisation of your charging stations. 

The software is fully optimised to give you and your business visibility across all EV charging functions. It includes a handy app for drivers and an extensive dashboard for charging station owners.

Driver App

The driver app (available on iOS, Android and the web) makes it easy to locate a charging station near you and check availability in real-time. Once at the station, drivers can start the charging session with a few taps and monitor the progress on their phone while they go about their activities. When they stop the charging session, the transaction will automatically be billed to the driver’s credit card.

Operations Dashboard

The Everty dashboard enables charging station operators to view admin, station control, reporting and analytics, and energy management functions. This gives you full control and oversight of day-to-day operations.

Asset Management

Fleet Management

Smart Charging

Payment Platform

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