Commercial Property

We manage the entire process from planning to operation, engaging with all commercial property stakeholders to guarantee the right EV charging solution for your property.

Why you need to make the move and install EV charging stations

EVs will make up 10% of all Australian cars by 2025

90% of all charge points will be located at commercial sites

54% of Australians will consider an EV as their next vehicle**

EV charging stations attracts high end clients

The benefits of charging infrastructure

Retain existing clients by meeting current and future needs

Businesses are focused on creating eco-friendly images. As carbon neutrality becomes a key requirement, lock in long term, high value tenants with the right EV charging solutions.

Be prepared for the change to EV mobility

Everty helps property owners manage an integrated EV Charging solution across all properties. This makes it simple to manage and adds a profitable revenue stream.

Increase customer loyalty and revenue

It’s important to be eco-minded and sustainable and businesses are well aware of this. People now prefer brands and businesses that are environmentally friendly and providing EV charging stations will increase loyalty and revenue for both you and your tenants.

Attract new clients

EV users require end of journey charging facilities and companies are in need of this to promote sustainable transport and hybrid workplaces. Show potential clients that you are a progressive property manager with EV charging solutions.

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