Making EV Charging easy and cost-efficient. Everty’s smart technology can help you carefully plan and optimise the charging of your vehicles, ensuring your fleet is ready when it is needed.

Why you need to make the move and install EV charging stations

EVs will make up 10% of all Australian cars by 2025

90% of all charge points will be located at sites occupied by businesses

54% of Australians will consider an EV as their next vehicle*

Investing in EV charging stations will reduce fleet operating costs

The benefits of EV charging infrastructure


Many businesses have key sustainability targets and can reduce the operating costs of their fleet by transitioning to EV. On average, charging and EV costs about 1/3rd of refueling with petrol or diesel. Additionally, EVs have much lower maintenance and repair costs compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

Logistics and Delivery

EVs make excellent last-mile delivery vehicles and short-haul trucks as they can be charged overnight and during loading or rest periods. With the Everty smart-charging system, you can easily optimise the charging processes at your depots.

Bus & Transit

Everty’s smart technology helps you carefully plan and optimise the charging of largebus batteries, ensuring your fleet is ready when it is needed. Electrify your fleet to reduce noise pollution and provide a more relaxed journey for passengers.

Taxis & Rideshare

Personal transportation services adopted hybrid cars early for their efficiency. The Australian market is now poised to transition to 100% electric vehicles in the near future.

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