Who we work with


We bring various players in the e-mobility and electric vehicle charging sector together to share their assets with others and build a ubiquitous network of electric vehicle charging stations that gives EV drivers the confidence that they can charge when and where they need it.

Our community built network democratises electric car charging in the form of a sharing economy marketplace. We work with everyone who wants to make driving and charging electric cars easier. Chargers can be located anywhere:

  • Residential chargers in garages and driveways
  • Workplace charging in company carparks
  • Fleet management companies interfaces to various chargers
  • Commercial carparks
  • Shopping centres, hospitals, libraries, etc.
  • Beach carparks or other council operated locations
  • Street parking cities/suburbs
  • Highway charging station locations

The most common contributors to the Everty network are

  • Individuals/Homeowners
  • SMEs
  • Corporates
  • Fleet service providers
  • Councils
  • State Governments
  • Utilities/Retailers
  • Consulting firms
  • Solar and EV charger installers
  • Property Management service providers
  • Property Developers

Contact us to learn more about how you can participate in the electric vehicle charging network and how to identify suitable charging station locations.

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