How it works


Everty connects EV drivers with charging stations in residential, business or public locations. We help you find the best suitable charger when and where you need it. Charging stations are provided by various participants in the Everty network. Join the network to earn money from charging.

EV drivers


Simply create an account and find a car charger on the map.


Many chargers that can be booked (residential or small business) require you to pay at the time of booking. Public and semi-public chargers usually can’t be reserved and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Once you arrive at the charger you can use the app to start and stop your charging session. The electricity for your charging session is metered and an automatic payment via credit cards takes place at the end of the session.

Charger owners

Whether you have a single charging station or multiple chargers in various locations, the Everty network helps you manage your charger and attract EV drivers to it.

dark blue charger icon

List a charging station via the Everty web app. You will need to provide some basic information about the charger itself and about the location.


If your charger is in a private location (home or business) and you take bookings you will receive an email every time a booking is made. If your charger is publicly accessible, we won’t hassle you but you have access to the reporting dashboard and can easily see how often your charger is used.

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