Home charging stations


Join the network and earn money by renting out your home charger while you have full control over how you want to interact with EV drivers.

Everty is a community built network that allows EV drivers and home charging station owners to share their charger, so drivers never get caught out with an empty battery. Whether you’re on a long-distance trip or just want to top up your battery, knowing there is a charging station available can give you that peace of mind.

As a home charging station owner, you probably want to help your fellow EV enthusiasts out and we think you should be rewarded for making your electric car charging at your home available. It’s easy to list your charger on the Everty Network and you are in full control of when your home charging station is available, how you want to interact with drivers and how much you want to earn.

We all know the world is changing and using resources more efficiently by sharing them with others will help people and the planet, especially if the electricity supplied by the charger is generated from renewable energy.

Many of our members have rooftop solar or have signed up to a GreenPower plan. We are working on a solution to offer ‘green charging’ to Everty members.

Contact us if you are interested in joining the Everty community or want to learn more about home car charging stations.

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