Charging stations and installation: Choose the right product


We offer many different models of charging stations, ranging from slow charging rates of 7KW AC, ideal for when EVs are parked at home or the office, to ultra-fast charging rates of 350KW DC, suitable for highway service stations.

Selecting the right charging station that fits the needs of your location, business and average dwell time is critical to a successful EV charging project.

If you are an individual, a landlord looking to unlock the potential of your property or a business owner seeking to streamline your EV fleet, Everty is here. We will help you select the best charging solution for your needs and provide a comprehensive solutions package.

Click on the logos below to view the different models and solutions provided by our hardware and installation partners.

The following products are some of the brands and products we recommend:

schneider-electric-logoSchneider Electric specialises in energy management and automation and currently supply their EVLink series chargers in Australia


Delta provides energy-efficient EV charging solutions including AC and DC chargers through it’s exclusive wholesaler NHP.


kebaThis product has several variations (E,B,C and X-series) for various different needs.


pixelABBpixel                 pixelABB currently supply various electric vehicle chargers including AC charger line, the ‘EV Lunic’, and the DC Wallbox and the Terra series.



Tritium mainly focuses on DC fast chargers which range in output from 50kW to 375kW.


Talk to us to learn more about various hardware options in the market.

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