A car charging network for EV drivers


Everty’s EV charging network has a strong focus on community and caters to the needs of everyone.

For operators, Everty works with owners of private, commercial and public chargers to make them accessible and to get a return on investment. Charging station operators can easily list chargers, receive bookings and are paid for the electricity used.

The app also offers operators energy consumption data for analysis, reporting and diagnostics as well as back-end billing solutions for effective station management.

By listing with Everty, charger operators will have access to more users which means better utilisation and increased revenues as well as smart charger management solutions for reliable, efficient chargers.

For drivers, the Everty app means you can find available chargers, check what kind of plug type and charging speed, schedule, book, and manage payment per charge. Our network gives drivers access to more chargers and more flexibility which means less range anxiety on your travels.

All drivers have to do is create an account, provide payment details and start/stop the charger via the app page. It’s easy, we manage the rest.

Building a modern car charging network cannot be done by just one party. While government support plays a critical role, many charging stations will be installed by utilities, car manufacturers, motoring groups, and in some cases communities themselves. Still, the majority of chargers will be installed privately by home and business owners.

Everty is endeavouring to connect all these parties together and our charging network is the first step!

Let’s work together and use resources in an efficient way.

Contact us to learn more about how you can participate in the Everty network.

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