Meet the Everty team

Everty is a technology (software) company in the e-mobility sector and provides EV charging solutions and a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to companies installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

The software allows EV charging station operators to monitor, manage and monetise their charging infrastructure assets and provides an interface to EV drivers for the use of chargers. Everty’s software enables efficient management and operation of physical assets (EV charging stations) as well as the integration of cars and charging infrastructure with the electricity grid.

They key applications of the software cover public, fleet and residential charging.

Our Team

Carola is a clean-tech professional with over 12 years experience in business and marketing across various industries like logistics, renewables, solar inverters, smart home management, battery storage, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.


Jay has over 18 years experience in software engineering and team lead roles on projects including high-frequency trading and peer-to-peer energy trading systems. He is passionate about applying technology in the transition to sustainable energy and transport systems.

Harry began his electric vehicle career at Tesla. From there he moved into a business development and strategy role at Everty, with a specific interest in the overcoming the barriers and obstacles to electric vehicle roll out in Australia. Harry has completed a Masters of Environmental Management/ Sustainability at Monash University.

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