How do you charge your car?

When we look across the pond, to the US and Europe, we see a lot more public charging infrastructure being available to electric car drivers. In Australia, public charging infrastructure is very sparse and we cannot help but ask
“Are Australians using their Electric Vehicles differently?”
Most EV drivers charge conveniently at home. But what if you live in an apartment building, have on-street parking or you need to top up your car while you’re out and about? Are there enough public chargers available to make the owning an EV a great experience?
As per articles in InsideEVs, the US has 16,038 public electric stations and Germany had 7,407 public charging points installed at the end of 2016.
The lack of public charging infrastructure may be a significant barrier to EV uptake in Australia and that is why we want to hear from you, the innovators and early adopters, who fought hard and overcame these barriers already.
You can help us by answering our simple questionnaire. We will, of course, share the results with you as a participant and not share your data with any third party.

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