What EVs are available now and in the next 2 years?

Whether you already have an EV or you aspire to become an electric vehicle owner, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a new car.
What is the range of the car under average driving conditions? How large is the battery and how quickly can it be charged? Can I charge my car at home or are there public charging stations available near me? And how far do I drive every day?
Once you have answered the above, you will probably weigh up the fun factor, looks of the car and the price. A range of models are available in Australia. While there are at this stage only 3 manufacturers who offer a pure battery powered EV (Tesla, BMW and Nissan), hybrids are more common and come in many shapes and sizes.
Check out this useful electric vehicle guide by the Electric Vehicle Council http://electricvehiclecouncil.com.au/vehicle-guide/
So what’s in store for the next two years? Many of us are eagerly awaiting the following models.
Hyundai Ioniq
Hyundai Kona (not confirmed by Hyundai yet)
Jaguar I-PACE
Renault Zoe (not confirmed by Renault yet)
Tesla Model 3 (not confirmed by Tesla yet)

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