The Coming Wave of Electric Vehicles

We all know that the turn of the tide is well on its way. The days are numbered for the internal combustion engine.
The dramatic increases in performance, and reduction in costs, seen in recent years means it’s just a matter of time before electric vehicles become dominant worldwide.
Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that by the year 2022 electric vehicles will have reached cost parity with internal combustion engine vehicles, and so we can expect to see a dramatic increase in sales at around this time.
Whether or not this will hold true for Australia remains to be seen. Our comparatively slow uptake of electric vehicles has been driven, in part, by a lack of government incentive models, a limited number of electric vehicles for consumers to choose from, as well as a major deficit of charging infrastructure.
“When the coming wave of electric vehicles finally arrives, how will we charge them?”
At Everty, we are trying to tackle the deficit of charging infrastructure by improving the efficiency of existing charging resources.
By opening up people’s private chargers for other EV drivers to use (either as their primary charger, or as a top-up) we are enabling more effective use of those otherwise idle chargers and rewarding the charger owners in the process.
We’d love to hear your ideas about ways in which you think we could improve our offering. Particularly, we want to hear from you about specific locations that you really wish had a charger!

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